Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shop Small to Save Small Businesses on Saturday, November 26

This weekend, after you've fought the rude and obnoxious Black Friday crowds at Sprawl-Mart and witnessed fights between middle-aged women over pairs of shoes at Costington's, here's something good you can do to help the economy and small businesses as well as preserve the tarnished sanctity of the Christmas Spirit and restore the value of American Pride in community.

This Saturday, November 26, is the second-annual "Small Business Saturday", which aims to bring awareness to the economic plight of small, privately owned businesses across the country. Thousands of smaller stores and restaurants have shuttered their doors and windows during the current economic crisis, losing out to the much-larger chain stores that have cornered the market in even smaller, bedroom communities, stripping small town America of its former charm and appeal. To help remedy this, you can show your support for small businesses by going out and shopping them this weekend. Make a pact to purchase at least one item at a privately owned shop or business this weekend. It might not sound like much, but it would mean a great deal to the millions of business owners struggling to survive.

The event is sponsored by American Express and the company is providing "Shop Small" incentives. Register your American Express card online, spend $25 at a small business next Saturday and the company will give you $25 credit on your next statement.

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