Sunday, November 13, 2011

Can't Get Her Out of Our Heads: Kylie Minogue Celebrates 25 Years of Music

Aww... sweet & innocent Kylie, circa 1988

Hard to believe, but international recording superstar Kylie Minogue will be celebrating 25 years in the music industry next year!

The Australian-born singer has come a long way from her days acting on the soap opera Neighbours and has gone on to become one of the biggest selling artists in history, with countless Number One songs and albums to her credit as well as a loyal and devoted following. She's also known to put on one Hell of a show, spellbinding audiences worldwide with some good old fashioned Hollywood-style razzle dazzle.

To celebrate her 25th year in the industry, Miss Aphrodite let it slip to the audience of a concert in London this past week that she is recording a new album of re-worked orchestral and acoustical versions of some of her biggest hits. Obviously, this won't be any ordinary greatest hits album, that simply won't do for our Kylie. She has been hard at work in the recording studio at Abbey Road in London, putting it all together as a love letter to her millions of adoring fans.

She has also (thankfully) found time for her personal life, and has been dating Spanish model AndrĂ©s Velencoso for the past several years. It's nice to see one of the hardest working women in show biz taking a bit of time to find much-deserved happiness. 

Your legion of fans will be looking forward to the new album, Kylie...

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