Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Prickly Situation: Cat Stuck on Cactus For Three Days

A cat got caught up in a very prickly situation after climbing to the top of a large Saguaro cactus and finding that it couldn't make its way back down again!

The feckless feline decided it wanted to explore the desert area around the Salt River in Arizona from high above, so it somehow managed to climb to the top of the enormous cactus, over twenty feet in the air. The cat discovered that what goes up doesn't always necessarily come down, at least not as easily. Passers-by were alerted by the loud cries of the trapped cat and a rescue effort was soon launched.

As local channel KXNV's news helicopter flew overhead to film a story on the cat, it finally decided it had had more than enough and can be seen scurrying down the cactus to escape all the brouhaha! Fear is always a great motivator!

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