Monday, November 7, 2011

He Bangs! American Idol Reject William Hung Working for LA Police Department

He's probably the most famous of all the American Idol rejects, and now he is a Man of the Law!

That's right, wannabe pop superstar William Hung, who infamously belted out his own "special" version of Ricky Martin's hit "She Bangs" on Season Three of Fox's juggernaut talent show American Idol, is now working for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department as a technical crime analyst. Which means the 28-year-old is doing cool things just like the guys & gals on CSI: Sheboygan and analyzing crime statistics in order to prevent future crimes from happening! (Hung might even make Minority Report a reality one day... it could happen!)

He may not have had what it took to impress Simon, Paula and Randy, but he did score a novelty record deal from the exposure as well as making a cameo appearance in a movie filmed in his native Hong Kong. He has also appeared in a number of television commercials cashing in on this fifteen seconds of fame.

We salute you, William Hung, on keeping the American Dream alive in today's brutal economy!

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