Tuesday, November 15, 2011

She Needs a New Attitude: Patti LaBelle Accused of Screaming at Baby & Trying to Punch Mom

"Does this $5 million necklace make me look like a Diva?"
It looks like superstar R&B singer Patti LaBelle needs to heed the advice of her 80s hit song and find a "New Attitude"...

Apparently, the former Lady Marmalade has some anger management issues. It seems that LaBelle became irate at a mother's parenting skills at her Manhattan apartment building. The Queen Diva didn't appreciate the freedom mother Roseanna Monk was giving to her 18-month-old daughter Genevieve in the lobby of the swank Riverside Drive apartment building where LaBelle was living temporarily while starring in the Broadway show Fela! When Monk told her to mind her own business, LaBelle allegedly flew into a rage, screaming obscenities and throwing a bottle of water at the shocked Mom! When Monk told LaBelle that her actions were upsetting the baby, the singer tried to take a swing at the mother. The singer's entourage quickly intervened, ushering the Demonic Diva out of the building and into a limousine, leaving Monk to contend with her upset baby.

The Monk's almost let the incident pass until they heard of another temper tantrum involving Loco LaBelle that made the news. It seems LaBelle and her burly bodyguards got into a scuffle with a West Point cadet at the Houston airport when the singer thought the soldier was standing too close to her priceless luggage. Now, the Monks are suing Lady Marmalade for an undisclosed sum of money. "Violence seems to be a part of their road show," the Monk's lawyer said in a public statement.

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