Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Anthony Bourdain Has No Reservations About Being Photographed Nude

Photo Credit: Fox News

Chef, bestselling author and  television personality Anthony Bourdain has tweeted a nude photograph of himself!

It seems the outspoken Bourdain thought he would beat celebrity gossip web site TMZ to the punch by tweeting the ten-year-old photograph taken by his ex-wife Nancy during a visit to the Caribbean island paradise of St. Barts. In the photograph, a tan and smiling Bourdain can be seen lounging in the all-together with a bottle of beer in his hand on a yellow pool raft, accompanied by his equally nude friend and fellow chef Steven Tempel.

When asked for a comment about the naughty pics, Bourdain said, "Nice tan. As I haven’t  seen the photos without the star, I can only hope the water wasn’t too cold that day."

You can view the photograph (with Bourdain's modesty covered by a big red star) as well as his twitter feed regarding the pic at the following link:

Anthony Bourdain's (Censored) Nudie Pic!

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