Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pumped Up Kicks: Amazing Race Contestants Compete in Bodybuilding Contest

After last week's bunnies on steroids Detour in delightful Denmark, I've decided this season of the CBS reality staple The Amazing Race has been, well, flippin' amazing! 

It's been awesome watching Bill & Cathi give the younger team members a run for their money! The previews for this week's episode look quite intriguing, with the teams oil slicking themselves up to compete in a European body building contest! Word has it that Bill & Cathi are rocking some super-buff bodies under their comfy clothes and farming gear, as are the rest of the gorgeous contestants! Rock on, guys!

Tonight's episode, titled "Speedo Time", promises to be one of the sexiest episodes of all time, if the contestants don't toss their cookies first on a spinning tea cup ride! To give you a taste of tonight's episode, enjoy this animated gif of Race host Phil Keoghan stripped down to his skivvies for a previous season of the show (which I totally stole from The Best Week Ever!):

"I'm smart and sexy!"

The Amazing Race airs tonight at 8:00PM EST, time approximate.

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