Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bad Teachers: Teachers Caught Verbally Abusing 14-Year-Old by Hidden Recorder

Two Ohio educators appear to have wanted to star in their own version of the Cameron Diaz movie Bad Teacher after a recording of them verbally abusing a student comes to light.

The parents of a 14-year-old girl placed a hidden recording device on their daughter after they became fearful she was being bullied at the Miami Trace High School in Ohio. Obviously, they didn't realize that their daughter was indeed being bullied, not by other students but by her teachers!

Christy Wilt and her teacher's aide Kelly Chaffins are allegedly heard berating the special needs student, making fun of her weight as well as calling her "dumb". They are also heard forcing the student to run on a treadmill for fifteen minutes for being unable to answer a question correctly. Chaffins, who had been a teacher at the school since 2008, can be heard on the recording saying "Are you kidding me? Are you that dumb? You are that dumb? Oh my God. You are such a liar. No wonder you don’t have friends. No wonder nobody likes you."

When told that the girl's parents had complained to school administrators about her method of teaching, Chaffins is quoting as saying, "They are ridiculous. Well, you know what? They are liars raising a liar, They are manipulators," she said dismissively. Chaffins was asked to resign after school officials heard the damning evidence. Wilt, however, still remains a teacher at the school after officials concluded that her actions "did not meet [the severity] of what the educational aide had done."

The secret recordings were made over several days this past April. The parents sued the school board for damages and received an undisclosed settlement out of court.

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