Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Don't Panic: NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams Keeps Cool As Fire Alarm Blares During Broadcast

"Please, don't panic...until you see this..."
NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams is used to keeping his cool in sticky situations. He's reported from war zones, areas hit by natural disasters and interviewed self-absorbed celebrities and sleazy politicians, so he has really seen and done it all.

With the exception of having a loud, shrill fire alarm going off in the studio while he is anchoring a live news broadcast! The alarm sounded just as Brian began to report the top story for the evening, the news that American Airlines had filed for bankruptcy. Maybe someone from the financially troubled airline happened to be in the studio and pulled the alarm to divert attention away from the story!

Williams managed to maintain his composure and chuckled while assuring concerned viewers that everything was perfectly fine and it was a false alarm at 30 Rockefeller Center. He turned the reporting over to equally-seasoned reporter Andrea Mitchell as the tech squad descended to shut the squawking alarm off.

Mitchell later tweeted about the incident, saying "On NBC Nightly News with unflappable [Brian Williams] as he anchors thru fire alarm at 30 Rock".

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