Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Love Will Never Do (Without Fur): Janet Jackson To Design Fur Outerwear Line

"Nothing comes between me & my Calvin Klein's, except maybe fur!"

Pop superstar Janet Jackson definitely will NOT be on PETA's Christmas card list this year, as it has been announced that she will be endorsing a new line of fur outerwear. (She must still think it is 1986...)

The Rhythm Nation bombshell will be designing a line of "luxe fur outerwear and accessories" for the Blackglama collection that will debut in stores just in time for the Black Friday insanity.  The collection will be comprised of 15 pieces ranging from coats, jackets, vests, scarves, gloves and other high-end fashion accessories. All contain both classic and contemporary elements and utilize Blackglama mink in conjunction with other materials such as leather.  "The art of fashion is one of my great passions," states Ms. Jackson in an official statement .  "I've worked for years to bring a collection into the world.  Partnering with Blackglama is very exciting."

The exclusive line is priced for the luxury market and will retail in the Fur Salon at select Saks Fifth Avenue and the Maximilian Fur Salon at select Bloomingdales. Red, fake blood stains will be provided free by protestors on the street!

1 comment:

  1. I love fur outerwear. I wonder if shes going to make outerwear for kids.


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