Wednesday, November 23, 2011

That's a Lot of Dough: $1 Million in Suitcase Left in Aussie Pizzeria

Pizza & Dollar Signs...a winning combination!

Employees of a Sydney, Australia, pizzeria must have thought they were the best servers ever when they found a tip worth $1 million!

Police were notified that a man wearing shorts, a tank top and sunglasses left a briefcase at the Cafe Marco in an upscale neighborhood in Sydney. Employees initially thought that the briefcase may have contained a bomb or explosive device, so they decided to call the police.

No bomb was found, but the mysterious briefcase did contain a huge stash of cold, hard cash! Police began to investigate if perhaps the money was left as a ransom, but no evidence of a kidnapping has been discovered. A man was subsequently taken into custody over the incident, but police report that he was taken to the hospital for an "unknown medical condition" and is under guard while receiving medical care. Police state that if the unidentified man can prove the money is legitimately his and not funds from criminal activity, he would be able to keep the cash.

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