Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Roll With It: Con Artists Arrested for Selling 70 Years Worth of Toilet Paper to Elderly

"When you really need me, I'm as good as Gold!"

A group of people in Florida have been arrested in a million dollar con operation involving an unlikely source... toilet paper!

The trio of suspects were arrested for conning their elderly victims into paying for decades worth of plain, ordinary bathroom tissue under the guise that new government regulations required a special type of toilet paper be used to help save their septic systems. The group claimed that the products they were peddling  lasted longer and would prevent damage to their septic tanks while helping save the environment. So far, police have found a dozen victims of the scheme, saying that the con artists had taken over one million dollars.

Victims were also falsely told that newly-imposed laws and regulations required that they purchase special soap and detergents or their bathrooms would not pass a government inspection. (The Environmental Protection Agency does not regulate septic tank products, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.) At least one of the victims had purchased a seventy-year supply of bathroom tissue from the group.

If convicted, the group face up to twenty years in prison for conspiracy to commit wire fraud among other charges.


  1. When asked if the victims needed that much paper, their reply was, "it Depends".

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