Sunday, November 20, 2011

Royal Easy Rider: Prince Harry Hops on Harley for Road Trip

"Born to be Wild..."
England's Prince Harry made out like Jack Nicholson in the classic anti-establishment film Easy Rider by hopping on a super-cool Harley Davidson bike and giving it a turn through the Arizona desert.

The 27-year-old royal was enjoying his day off from an eight-week helicopter course at Gila Bend Air Force base in Imperial Valley, Arizona, where he is undergoing advanced training as an Apache pilot. The prince was smiling like the Cheshire cat as he hopped on the Hog, wearing classic aviator sunglasses and a metal helmet to protect his ginger noggin.

Harry looked completely at ease at the helm of the $30,000 bike, as he has been a fan of motorcycle riding for years and has a number of classic bikes in his own private collection, including a Ducati 848 and a classic Triumph. His older brother William shares his passion for motorbikes as well and owns a Ducati 1198. The royal brother's father Prince Charles, however, doesn't share his children's interest, admitting, "I hate motorbikes. My sons are interested in them. I can’t even get my balance on them."

The royal thrill seeker rented the bike for $150 and trekked 95 miles through the majestic and serene landscape, but he wasn't flying solo. He was accompanied by his personal security entourage, making sure he remained safe and sound on his desert sojourn. The road trip comes close to the end of the Prince's military training in the US.

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