Sunday, November 6, 2011

Large Earthquake Causes Buildings to Crumble & Roads to Buckle in Oklahoma

Oklahoma was rocked by one of the largest earthquakes ever to hit the state last night. The 5.6 temblor shook the central part of the state, causing damage and at least one injury. Authorities say that the earthquake caused at least three sections of U.S. Route 62 to buckle, leaving portions of the road closed this morning. Chimneys collapsed into the roofs of homes. Damages are being reported at a library in Prague and a large boulder was shaken from its position and rolled onto a roadway. The quake was felt as far away as parts of Northern Texas as well as Missouri.

In Broken Arrow, residents say that the ground shook for as long as one minute, sending people outside into the dark of night fearing their homes might collapse. The 5.6 tremor came after nearly forty smaller tremors were recorded in an earthquake swarm that began early on Saturday. A full inspection of bridges and overpasses is expected to begin today to check for any damages to important infrastructure.

Before last night's temblor, the strongest quake previously reported was of magnitude 5.5 on April 9, 1952, according to the Oklahoma Geological Survey.

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