Thursday, November 3, 2011

Like Winning the Lottery: TV News Anchor Wins $2 Million Lottery Live on the Air

Most of us have fantasized about a group of people carrying flowers and an over-sized check knocking on our doors to tell us we have won the Publisher's Clearinghouse Lottery worth millions of dollars! But how about finding out you've won the lottery live on television...and you are a reporter?

This hard-to-believe situation happened to Global BC sports anchor Barry Deley when he won a special lottery for a local children's hospital worth a cool $2 million Canadian. His surprised co-anchors immediately called Deley, who was not at the studio but out shopping for groceries, with the exciting news. The anchor was shocked to have won the amount and his co-anchors couldn't let the moment pass without giving Deley some good-natured ribbing.  "Is he allowed to win?" inquired his co-anchor Squire Barnes. "Hey, Barry... we're best friends, right?" quipped Sophie Liu while waiting for Deley to answer the telephone.   

Deley has the choice of five different homes or to take two million dollars in cash (after taxes).   


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