Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Dog Ate My Car Payment: Couple's Dog Woofs Down $1000 in Cash

The old standard "Blame it on the dog" rang true for one Florida couple, when their beloved pet gobbled up an envelope of cash containing $1000!

Christy and Joe Lawrenson of St. Agustine, Florida, initially believed that a burglar had broken into their home when the wad of cash went missing. When Joe went to investigate, he discovered pieces of shredded $100 bills strewn across his living room floor like confetti! What he didn't find shredded on the floor was now inside the stomach of the couple's 4-year-old Labrador Retriever/Bulldog mix, Tuity!

It seems the capricious canine got a little hungry while Mommy & Daddy were away and decided to make the cash a mid-day snack! The money, which was to be used for the couple's car payment, was now digesting inside the family dog, along with the envelope and a paper clip. A quick thinking Joe gave Tuity some peroxide to induce vomiting. For the next several hours, Joe and Christy went to task digging through dog vomit in order to piece together the shredded bills.

Ultimately, they were able to salvage $900 from the pooch's tummy. The final $100 bill had too many serial numbers missing to be re-assembled, which they have sent to the Department of the Treasury. The Lawrenson's then took the masticated money to the bank, where they shared their strange tale with the tellers!

This isn't the first time the dog has eaten something strange. "When she was a puppy, I once saw her eat a cigarette," Mr. Lawrenson told a local newspaper. Next time, put the money inside a safe deposit box, Joe!!!

Joe & Christy Lawrenson with dog Tuity. Photo Credit The Daily Mail

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