Sunday, November 20, 2011

Give a Hoot (and a Massage): Adorable Owl Loves Some Attention

"My anthropomorphized features make me irresistible to women..."

Woodsy the Owl has long been the mascot for an American anti-pollution campaign, but I think the owl in the video below should be the new face for the cause!

The video, simply titled "Lovely Owl", shows a too-adorable for words baby owl lapping up some attention from the hand of an unidentified woman. The video has already received over one million views, and we can see why. Interspersed with images of other, not-so-content owls (obviously jealous of little Woodsy and the heavy petting he's getting) and backed by a perfectly dramatic music score, it just screams "Viral Video of the Day".

If this cutie was used in commercials, I bet people really would give a hoot and not pollute:

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