Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's the Great Un-Friend You on Facebook Day, Charlie Brown!

The hilarious guys over at Jimmy Kimmel thought that there should be an official "National Unfriend Day" on Facebook. You know, a day where you go through your list of friends on Facebook and start culling out the dead weight! It's a great idea! There's one credo in life that still holds true today:  It isn't officially a holiday of any merit unless there is a Peanuts cartoon about it!

To remedy this situation, the show put together this flippin' hilarious Peanuts cartoon about the special Unfriend day just to get the ball rolling. I mean, good grief, who wouldn't take that depressing sad sack Charlie Brown off their friend's list? And that Momma's Boy Linus? Hasn't he married that blanket by now and fathered a couple of kids? And we've all seen those highly inappropriate and suggestive photos some Facebook "friends" are inclined to post on their page... just like Charlie Brown's sister, Sally!

You'll have to watch all the hilarity in the video below:

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